Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A link, a progress report, and a dog's butt.

Grrrrrrrr..... our stupid dog ate a bunch of my dad's prized roosters. We'd gotten a new dog (a girl) to calm him down, it sort of worked. Instead of eating the roosters, he chewed up their tie-chords and let them kill each other. He's getting a new home tomorrow, with someone with more land and no chickens.

I found this awesome food blog;, that has a ton of actually good vegan recipes. A lot of them don't even have soy in them, which is awesome because I've found that soy isn't the perfect wonder food that a lot of vegans say it is. Our liver is too weak to process it correctly or something.

My job-getting has progressed slightly; I actually made it to Publix the other day and waited in line for a half hour to find out how to apply. The gum-smacking creature behind the counter pointed to a large computer-like contraption, and told that after I filled out the application on that machine I'd need to get back in line, which had stretched about a mile behind me. With a heavy heart, I headed to the machine. Right at that moment, my ride honked the horn and with a mixture of despair and relief I headed to the car.


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