Thursday, December 16, 2010

Resolutions, links, and a pig's butt.

My new years resolutions.:

1) Become a vegan. Full out. No more Cheetos, no more mozzarella, no more microwave omelets. To support this resolution however, I must;
2) Finally get a job!!! I've been asking around, sort of halfheartedly, but I have a new vegan habit to support and another sibling soon to be born which I will hope to convert. I highly doubt it though... I've never converted anyone yet. Except for fifteen minutes, and that doesn't count, she was convinced she was fat and it wasn't the complete lack of exercise that was at fault (btw, she was tiny as shark).
(btw btw, shark is my new online censor. I like to write everything I think, but I try to never spew horse crap all over my actual words)
3) Stop calling my brother a chauvinist pig. It's an insult to pigs, who are scientifically considered smarter than dogs and three year old children. My brother is scientifically considered an idiot.

I hope to think of seven more before the new year, I'll edit them back down to three, it's about all I can manage at one time. If anyone reads this; comment for once! I'm insulted!!!

A website for questions:
Websites for answers to said questions:
Scroll down to older posts to answer 1
2 and 3 are found at
And there are some other answers at the how to do things website too, I should visit that website more often.

As for the pig's butt, I believe that was listed in my resolutions. If this is confusing, note that I'm running on little sleep.
Good night all, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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