Friday, December 3, 2010


Lately I've been spending a lot of time on the PETA website, there's a ton of information on there, and it's a good place to go to remind me why I'm doing this. This is especially important during this holiday season with all the turkey eating.
There's also a ton of embeddable videos and games, I've scattered them around this page a bit, as you see. I've been specifically anti-mcdonalds lately, they say they're all about being a family friendly place, but they refuse to switch to a more modern and humane way of killing the chickens. In their defense however, I want to say that they have a charity called Ronald McDonald House, which my family stayed in when my younger sister had a liver transplant. Though there are activists that wouldn't care about that, I think that no one is just plain evil, especially the thousands of people that make up the McDonald's corporation.
I've embedded a game called The New Superchick sisters, the old one was for KFC. Someday I plan to run in there screaming, "THE CHICKENS ARE COMING FOR REVENGE!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".
In which I will run before they identify me.

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