Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fake Meat

My favorite fake meat is Morning Star, they have a good variety and awesome taste; also they're easier to find than most brands, which have to be bought at overpriced health food stores.
There are a number of brands out there, I think Quorn is my least favorite, it is very very particular in how it has to be cooked, though if done right isn't completely gross.
Gimme Lean is the vegan Jimmy Dean, (fake sausage meat, not formed) it makes really awesome ground beef replacement, and can be cooked many ways while still looking realistic.
Tofu Pups are also particular about how they're cooked, grill them and they are both disgusting looking and tasting.
I've had these awesome vegan hot dogs before, but I can't remember the brand, sorry.
Boca makes vegan burgers, I'm having one for dinner in a few hours, so I don't know how they taste yet. I've made homemade veggie burgers before, they taste really good if you have the right recipe, form them thin, and fry them, not grill.
This is the extent of my experience with fake meat, sorry if it's not very helpful.
One last tidbit, Google is a vegetarian's best friend.


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